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A New Era For Discovery!

Posted on Saturday, February 10 by Alan Smith

Photo credit: Elaine Wilson

February 9th, 2024 marked the start of a new era for Discovery Wrestling.

As the company enters its 10th year of bringing the best in independent wrestling to Edinburgh, founder Alan Smith has announced his decision to step away from the company.

“It’s been such a quick 10 years! When I launched Discovery with Alex back in 2014, we set out to do things differently and put a big focus on the professional in professional wrestling.

And in the last 10 years we managed to achieve incredible things and produced some of the best events this country has ever seen.

But so many things have changed over those years and many of the people who joined me on that journey of Discovery are no longer here.

And like with so many others things, sometimes life just gets in the way.

I made the decision last summer (2023) to step away from wrestling, but wanted to find the right person to keep Discovery alive as I know how important this promotion is to not only those involved, but to the great fans who’ve supported it over the last decade.

And in Joe Hendry, I believe.

He is someone who’s been part of Discovery since day 1 and understands what Discovery is.

I am convinced he is the right person to take Disco to the next level and I’m excited to see what happens now, as a fan.”

Joe’s first night running Disco was nothing short of eventful at a sold out Portobello Town Hall.

Emersyn Jayne ended Kasey’s incredible reign as women’s champion, Judas Grey became the inaugural Scottish Openweight Champion and Skol Brol earned a shot at the Discovery Wrestling tag team championships.

Discovery Wrestling returns to Portobello Town Hall on Sunday the 28th of April.

Tickets go on sale Monday at 9am.

Discovery Returns to Portobello!

Posted on Friday, September 8 by Alan Smith

It’s been more than 5 years since Discovery Wrestling last rocked Portobello Town Hall.

But on November 3rd, we return!

Following the hard work of the local community, the venue is alive and kicking once again.

It’s been the scene of many a huge battle in Discovery including Chris Hero vs Joe Coffey on two occasions. Huge current WWE stars have also wrestled in Portobello Town Hall including Piper Niven (Viper) and the Viking Raiders (War Machine).

Discovery will be bringing the best wrestlers in the UK to Portobello with a card set to feature 3 title matches. All the details will be revealed very soon.

And tickets for this huge event are on sale now Рhead to

Discovery returns to Livingston!

Posted on Friday, July 28 by Alan Smith

Following our hugely succesful debut in Livingston in June, we are coming back this September!

Carrying on the Reckless Intent legacy of producing the best family friendly wrestling for audiences in West Lothian, a packed card can be expected for this massive event.

Already confirmed, Lost Boy Aspen will challenge Deacon Matthews for the RI Heavyweight Championship.

We also know that Y Division Champion Gene Munny will be making his Livingston debut!

Fresh from winning the 2023 Disco Derby, Emersyn Jayne will also be at the Murieston Scout Hall. Will she tell us which championship she’s gunning for?

And with Year 8 coming up later in the year, this will be an opportunity for those wrestlers determined to make it onto the card for our biggest show of the year.

Tickets are on sale now – just head to the events section of the website.


Year 7! What happened?!

Posted on Tuesday, November 15 by Alan Smith

It shaped up to be one of the biggest days in Discovery history, it ended in chaotic controversy.

So what happened as Discovery celebrated its 7th anniversary?

It all kicked off with the VIP pre-show where the super positive duo of Deacon Matthews and Emily Hayden took on the dysfunctional Double D’s.

It would be Dickie Divers and Debbie ‘Jack Morris’ Dahmer who would pick up the win after Deacon’s head collided with a chair – tossed aside by Dahmer.

Next up, the undefeated Ryan Richards against FPWA standout Tommy Kartel. Somehow, it was the Supreme who would have his hand raised in victory once again, beating a count-out after a battering from the Hardest Man in Fife. Kartel wouldn’t go quietly though, leaving Richards flat out on his back.

To the main show in front of Disco’s biggest crowd since returning last year!

And it was one of the hottest feuds in Disco history that would get us started. Caleb Valhalla and Ryan Griffin would be connected by a leather strap, tied to their wrists. Despite repeated interventions from the ferocious Athena, it would be Caleb leaving the victor!

What next for Valhalla?

Gene Munny then delighted the Disco crowd by making his way to the ring and again calling out Jack Morris. And it wasn’t long before Mr Disco Derby would enter and finally accept the challenge, but only after Gene Munny agreed to put the Gene Munny Championship of Gene Munny on the line.

It would be that Good Boi who would leave with his title – defeating the NOAH star with a massive Ainsley Lariat!

The Discovery tag team champions were up next with the Kings of the North making their first defence since winning gold in July.

They battled their way past fan favourites Sunshine Machine who were making their long awaited Disco debuts – two years after their original appearance was scuppered by the pandemic.

Surely not the last time we’ll see TK Cooper and Chuck Mambo in a Disco ring.

The first half main-event would see Aspen Faith and Mark Haskins go head to head and anything certainly did go. This feud goes back a long way, with Aspen putting his hands on Mark’s wife Vicky on more than one occasion.

The two men would battle all over the venue, with Aspen sent tumbling down the bleacher stairs at one point.

Several chair shots later, and with Vicky playing a pivotal role, it would be Mark Haskins who would walk out the winner.

Into the second half and Lana Austin surprised the Disco faithful with a new, not so good attitude. Stealing kids toys and fans hats, it was clear Austin was in a mischievous mood!

Cue the exciting Daisy Jenkins who had the crowd firmly on her side.

But despite a spirited effort and many near falls, it would be the number 1 contender picking up the win.

Next up for Lana Austin? She finally gets her match with Kasey for the Discovery Women’s Championship.

6 person tag team action next as Theo Doros teamed up with the Fair City Saints to take on the Foundation of the Future and….Ian Skinner?

In one of the biggest surprises of the day, Skinner would team with the Foundation. We were informed Zach Dynamite hadn’t travelled to Edinburgh, opting to remain in Aberdeen instead. Ryan Riley would tell the Disco crowd that they’d found themselves a replacement, someone who’d taken up their offer of cash.

Ultimately, Skinner would prove to be the difference, picking up the win for his team. This was a much more aggressive Ian Skinner than we’ve seen before.

Question remains, why? Perhaps it was the frustration of being left off the card? Maybe it was the money?

And now it was time for the main event, a collision between two of the best wrestlers Scotland has ever produced.

It would be the Oddity BT Gunn going one-on-one with Joe Hendry.

We say one-on-one, but it definitely felt like all the odds were stacked against Gunn, thanks to the presence of Hendry’s new manager Mister Manoval.

We pride ourselves on being “all about the wrestling”, this match was “all about the controversy”.

Referees Mike Ainsley and Chris Quinn were both laid out during the match.

That allowed a mystery man to enter the ring and brutally attack BT Gunn before being chased off by security.

With no ref in sight, it was left to Disco owner Alan Smith to officiate the rest of this match.

And one almighty title shot to Gunn’s head later, which was missed by Smith, the owner had no choice but to make the three count and raise Joe Hendry’s hand in victory.

A controversial end to one of the most eventful days in Discovery history.

Lots of questions to be asked about how we got to this point, questions which we’ll surely get the answers to in the coming days.


Date And Venue Confirmed For Year 7!

Posted on Sunday, August 21 by Alan Smith

Year 7

It’s the biggest date on the Disco calendar and it’s all now been confirmed!

Year 7 will take place on November 13th at the Pleasance Sports Complex in Edinburgh.

The venue for this year’s Disco Derby was such a hit that we wanted to return as soon as possible.

Matches for this huge event will be announced in the coming weeks.

But we can reveal Joe Hendry will be in action as he defends his Y Division Championship.

Fresh from becoming the first ever Discovery Tag Team Champions, the Kings of North will have their first defence.

Also confirmed, the return of the number 1 contender for the Discovery Women’s Championship, Lana Austin!

Expect lots of Discovery favourites too with Caleb Valhalla, Gene Munny, Aspen Faith, Debbie Dahmer and many many more all confirmed.

Tickets will go on sale on our website on Monday the 29th of August at 9am.

New Tag Team Champions Crowned

Posted on Tuesday, August 2 by Alan Smith


Photo credit: the Wilsons


Discovery Wrestling finally has tag team champions!

At the O2 Academy in Edinburgh, Kings of the North cemented their place in Disco history and further underlined their reputation as the best tag team in Europe.

It all happened at an extremely action packed Tagged!

But what else went down?

Johnny Lions made his surprise Disco return during the VIP show and challenged Ryan Richards. It was the Supreme who came out on top after some questionable tactics. The gloves certainly came off!

In a change to the announced tag match, Jarek Nowak was dragged in to team with Aspen Faith. They faced Dickie Divers and Debbie Dahmer, who came out dressed just like Jack Morris….with beard. It was the Double D’s who claimed victory, their first win as a team in Disco.

The main show kicked off with the first of our tag team semi-finals – Kings of the North vs Fair City Saints. It would be the Kings who advanced, despite the best efforts of the underdogs, who impressed once more.

We were then treated to an almighty clash between Caleb Valhalla and the giant Will Kroos. This was a seriously impressive match up, that was until Griffin and Athena made their presence known. Will Kroos ultimately pickied up the win over the Viking who’d been struck in the back of the head with a mace!

Jack Morris made his final Disco appearance before setting off for Japan. He was interrupted by Deacon Matthews who challenged the Disco Derby winner to a match. After losing both of his shoes, Morris left the ring barefoot and was counted out. As Matthews celebrated his first win in Disco, Morris returned and attacked him. He eventually got his shoes back.

In the second tag team semi-final – fans were brought the heartbreaking news that Session Moth Martina hadn’t been cleared to compete, after suffering a shoulder injury. Instead, the ferocious Emersyn Jayne teamed up with Gene Munny to take on the She-Wolves. With Session Moth at ringside, it would be Emersyon Jayne who helped her team advance, pinning women’s champion Kasey!

We were then treated to the best in technical wrestling as Chris Ridgeway put his Wrestle Carnival Pure Championship on the line against Kick Ass Ian Skinner. This was an absolute clinic and a match of the year contender for sure! In the end, it was the experienced Ridgeway who just did enough to hold onto his championship.

Triple threat action next as Zach Dynamite, Griffin and Theo Doros collided. It wasn’t too long before a raging Caleb Valhalla stormed out to the ring while swinging a chain and chased off both Griffin and Athena. That left Dynamite and Doros to fight it out. It was the Superior Cypriot who had his hand raised in victory.

Our raffle was then interrupted by Joe Hendry’s new manager, Mr Manoval. He was joined by the Y Division champion and it was made clear to Disco owner Alan Smith, Joe would no longer deal directly with Discovery management. Mr Manoval was given news of who Joe would next face in Discovery, much to the displeasure of both men. We still await news of who this mystery challenger is!

And onto the main event, the final of the tag team tournament! The vastly experienced team of the Kings of the North taking on the newly acquainted Gene Munny and Emersyn Jayne. Despite their best efforts, and after a scary looking fall to the outside from Jayne, it was the experience of the Kings that helped them over the finish line to claim Discovery gold! Emersyn Jayne was checked over by paramedics and is thankfully ok!

But the day belonged to the Kings of the North – the first ever Discovery Wrestling tag team champions!

SPOILER! Who to expect at All About the Raffle 2022

Posted on Thursday, February 17 by Alan Smith

It’s the most unpredictable event of the Disco calendar and it’s back for 2022!

All About the Raffle sees a draw take place to determine the wrestlers, the matchups and the stipulations.

We know most fans love a surprise so we aim to keep everything under wraps until the first bell.

However, we also know there are fans who like a bit of certainty before getting tickets.

So please don’t read on any further if you don’t want to know who’s all going to be at All About the Raffle 2022.




For those wanting to know who will be in attendance for this event – this is for you.

And please, don’t share or spoil the surprise for those wanting to be kept in the dark.

One of the UK’s leading women will make her big return with Lana Austin due to make her first Disco appearance in nearly 3 years.

British wrestling ambassador Doug Williams had also been due to return, but has now been ruled out through injury. We hope to see Doug back in a Disco ring as soon as possible.

And someone making their Discovery debut is the monstrous Will Kroos!

They join a stellar cast of Disco favourites including women’s champion Kasey, Gene Munny, BT Gunn, Jack Morris, Griffin & Athena, Dickie Divers, Theo Doros, Bruiser Brad Evens, Fair City Saints, Foundation of the Future, Ashley Vega, Deacon Matthews, Caleb Valhalla, Kickass Ian Skinner, Ryan Richards and Kuma.

Now, if that has convinced you to buy a ticket for this event – click here