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Public safety

We want you to enjoy our events and content online, however we put the safety and wellbeing of our wrestlers and fans above all.

Discovery Wrestling events

When at a Discovery Wrestling event:

Safety outside our events

It is very important that you do not ever attempt any of the stunts that you see at one of our events, or any other wrestling company out there. Life changing injuries can happen without warning.

Advice for parents

Discovery Wrestling actively discourages parents, guardians or other supervisors from allowing their children to attempt or carry out any wrestling moves on other people. Trampolines are frequently mentioned, however we still recommend that the behaviour does not take place. Play fighting and wrestling are two different things. If you see children attempting to copy something they have seen on TV, they are going too far.

Furthermore, we recommend you allow your children to enjoy live wrestling at a professional event, or through the various digital media distribution channels.

Advice for young people

You should never try a wrestling move on your friends or others. You yourself should also never allow someone (no matter how old they are) to do a move with you. You could be very badly hurt, or if you did it to someone else, they could get hurt.