2020 Update – Speaking Out

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The events of 2020 have majorly impacted the wrestling industry. Not only has the global Covid pandemic brought wrestling to a complete standstill in the UK, but the Speaking Out movement has shone a light on an extremely dark side of our industry. No promotion is immune from these issues and like many other companies, we have committed ourselves to putting in place measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all those who choose to work with Discovery.

We have worked with professionals outwith the wrestling industry to draw up a Code of Conduct for our staff and our fans. These codes aim to make clear the behaviours we find unacceptable at our events. These Codes will be made available to wrestlers and staff before they decide whether they wish to work with us and to fans before they decide to purchase a ticket to events.

Discovery has also entered into an agreement with the Equity performers union. This agreement has resulted in a Dignity at Work policy being drawn up, which aims to deal with issues such as bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation. This document, which will be made available to all those who work with Discovery, also details the procedures for dealing with concerns and complaints. Importantly, it offers wrestlers and staff an independent route to raise issues if they feel it necessary. This is also an important step to ensure Discovery can be held accountable for how we handle concerns and complaints.

One of the Equity 5 pledges for wrestling includes clear safeguarding policies for associated training schools. Discovery works closely with a few wrestling schools in Scotland and we are keen to make sure these schools have stringent safeguarding measures in place. To this end, we are undertaking professional safeguarding training alongside these schools to ensure everyone involved knows exactly what safeguarding is and to make clear what everyone’s responsibilities are.

We are not planning to return with live events before March 2021 and will be using the time between now and then to ensure we have all necessary training and policies in place.

We cannot wait to get back to doing what we love.

See you in 2021.